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A Boy and His Tablet Device


  • Age Group - Grade 9-12

  • Advanced career assessment

  • Best-fit career and stream recommendations

  • Personalized face-to-face counselling sessions with experts

  • All-round support for all career queries

  • Stream, subject, career, course, and college selection

  • Step-by-step career planning

Kids in Preschool

Cost INR 1,499/-


  • Orientation style assessment

  • 15 minutes face to face interaction

  • Career content (Brief)

Sunday School

Cost INR 4,499/-

Mid - Level

  • 4-Dimensional Stream & Career assessment

  • Face to face interaction and FAQ Rounds

  • Personalized stream report

  • Career content

Children at School

Cost INR 9,499/-


  • 4-Dimensional stream and career assessment with the top recommendation

  • Detailed 25 pages, stream, career, personalized report

  • Unlimited FAQ rounds

  • Face to face interaction

  • Career content

"Coding is not difficult"

- Bill Gates

Founder, Microsoft

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